Thursday, March 29, 2018

absinthe fairy?
  "When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of Fairies. " ~~~  Sir James M. Barrie,  Peter Pan
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"Sometimes on a clear moonlit evening when the forest is still, the reflections of stars ripple and dance upon the waters like magic and the warm glow of the fire beckons you to sleep.
Sometimes you can see Fairies dancing and flitting about the tree branches, gossamer wings gliding across the night skies leaving their trails of stardust in their wakes. 
Sometimes you can hear the soft beat of Fairy wings flying near, making wondrous music that catches you in its' spell, your heart soars up to join the flight as you balance gently on the edge of dreams." 

~~~"Sometimes" from "Fairy Of The Woods" by Gary Stadler 

Fairy with butterflies near a tree   

Greetings !  My name is Jan, Dream Fairy Weaver.  I'm a lover and believer of Fairies and a weaver of dreams.  I have a dear fairy friend named Peridot.  Living in Northern Minnesota and being somewhat isolated from the general community, I went to bed one night feeling very lonely.  Snuggled in my bed all toasty and warm, a sudden feeling of anticipation swept through me as I drifted off to dreamland.  My dreamscape is where Peridot introduced me to the Land of Fae.

I went to a meadow filled with beautiful flowers.  There was every color of the rainbow and I could smell their heavenly scents on the gentle breeze.  All of a sudden I heard soft, gentle laughter coming from the middle of a Pansy patch.  There I found this small-winged, child like Fairy, who introduced herself as Peridot.  She invited me to play, so we played ring around the daffodils, hide n seek in the Hollyhocks and tag in the Tulips. What fun we had !  We laughed and had a tea party, and since that night, Peridot has been my cherished friend. She doesn't always choose to be visible to me except in my dreams, but I know when she is present by the scent of Lavender in the air. When a Fairy chooses to befriend a human, it is a great honor. I have truly been blessed.

I hope you will enjoy learning and reading about the Fae.  I will also be including some other writings that are very dear to my heart.   Until next time........  Fairy Blessings.